Come on in out of that storm…

   “… pubs are built to the human scale.  They are intimate, even cozy settings… Above all, fellowship must prevail… a good-hearted atmosphere in which honest expression triumphs over sophistication.” Ray Oldenburg, The Great Good Place    




Ed Chinn

Ed Chinn

Pubs, beer gardens, taverns, and other “spirits” establishments have a long (and mostly European) history as society’s safe places.  They have always been focal points of community and even served vital roles in cultural preservation and renewal.  

No wonder that numerous spiritual giants of the faith spent many hours in these “third places.”  Martin Luther’s “A Mighty Fortress is our God” takes its words from Psalm 46 and its melody from a popular drinking song.  

According to some historians, 11:00 a.m. Sunday morning became the “worship hour” because Martin Luther needed a little more time after spending most Saturday nights in the pub.  

Cool River Pub is a brand-new publishing company.  Writers and others interested in the details of that great adventure should read the PUBLISHING tab.shapeimage_11

It is also a pub where people can find refuge from life’s storms.  

Cool River Pub is a safe place. Those who gather here – authors, readers, investors, bloggers – are invited to share the “honest expression” of ideas, impulses, and inspirations. And, the house rules invite (and enforce) good humor, respect, and generosity of spirit.

As a brand, Cool River gives voice to non-religious excursions into the largeness of God and His creation.

So, please grab a mug and find a table or slip out to the porch and grab a rocker.  rockers_5003

Let us know what’s on your mind. Just go the VOICES tab and speak up.  You’re among friends.  

Ed Chinn, Proprietor, Brewmeister




10 responses

4 03 2009
John Boaz


Congratulations on your new pubs venture. We wish you all the best in efforts to meet the needs of other writers like you who need an avenue to release their ideas.

Your pub idea is interesting. I get a little cold feeling when I don’t see anyone in the picture at the pub. Lest this become an omen for your publishing, may I suggest that you portray your pub photo with people who are engaged in each other to bring some warmth to the idea. Just a thought.


24 06 2009
Darwin Schierer

I like John’s notion of populating the pub a bit. But please leave the the table-for-two by the window open, along with the table by the fireplace and the two stools at the end of the bar. I will need a place to sit whenever I drop by to join in the fellowship at the PUBlic house. I realy like the two rockers on the porch. Just looking at it puts me into the scene with whoever else may be enjoying that peaceful view outside the pub. Good job, Ed. Thanks for the directions to your new establishment.

4 03 2009
Dale Smith

Ahhh, this is nice. And I love this new pic of the proprietor.

5 03 2009
Keith Godwin

After meeting you at the Gate retreats and hearing you speak I always look forward to receiving mail from you.
Your thoughts and comments help to keep my perspective on an even keel.
I love the paragraph on Martin Luther and the 11 a.m. service.
It provides much interesting speculation on how western believers could be a little more real and probably more effective in our relating to others.


28 03 2009
Bob Paulus

I appreciate your nontraditional book and review of our brief life on Planet Earth. The continuing challenge: to live here but to not become too comfortable in this place. It is not home. It is only a training ground? A hunting ground? It is definitely a good place to play hide and seek with our Father. I think He does enjoy us more than we realize. I often hear Him laughing at my stumbles and concerns about things that are not real or relevant. Thank you for writing the Footprints. I continue to look for them, and I am starting to reread it today! PS. I liked the Index Cloud. It is a good map of reference points in your life and the book! Bob

20 06 2009
Keith Godwin

I just finished your new book. Couldn’t put it down. I retrieved it from the mail box around 1pm and finished it about 20 minutes ago.
It is a breath of fresh annointed air.

27 03 2010
Leann Albrecht

Ed….how nice! I had no idea…… Congratulations! BTW, where it that pub. Shall the four of us meet there and discuss? I love the new non-religious “church” I see emerging….crazy about God and people but pointless manmade rules and regulations…not so much!

16 01 2011
Phyllis Rock

I just ordered your book. I’m sure I’ll enjoy it-even with your “non-traditional” warning. I have remained true to our SWC training in one aspect-I still attend bedside chapel religiously…..

24 01 2011
Phyllis Rock

My husband and I enjoyed reading Footprints in the Sea. We liked your writing style. Think God will probably get a chuckle watching the “traditionals” expressions while reading this book.

12 05 2011
R C "Happy" Hopper

I really enjoyed “Footprints in the Sea” and have recommended it to a number of friends as well.

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